West Adams-Normandie National Night Out 2015


Leslie Evans

Tuesday, August 4, was the annual National Night Out on Crime, an event dedicated to community police partnerships. One local event was the 13th year of National Night Out held by the local block clubs in the area around Adams Blvd. and Normandie Avenue just south of the 10 Freeway. The main sponsor is the Adams Normandie Neighborhood Association (ANNA), joined by the Van Buren Place Community Restoration Association, the Budlong, Juliet, Catalina Neighborhood Association, and the West Adams Neighborhood Association. The tradition is to have a march through some of the local streets followed by a big community potluck. Southwest Senior Lead Officers as usual provided a police escort. They led and followed the marchers and stopped traffic on Adams and on Normandie for the march, with many children blowing whistles, to walk in the street.

 At the potluck afterward, attended by about 65 people, there were brief speeches by new City Council 8 representative Marqueece Harris-Dawson, State Assemblymember 53rd District Miguel Santiago, Deputy Chief William Scott, the assistant Commanding Officer of Operations South Bureau, and Captain Sean Parker, the new patrol captain at the Southwest Community Police Station. In addition to the food brought by participants the La Barca restaurant on Vermont Avenue donated a number of trays of their fine Mexican cuisine. The event was chaired by Marco Flores, ANNA president.