West Adams HPOZs

  • 30 May 2007
  • Anonymous (not verified)

No less than six of the city's 29 historic districts  are in West Adams. The map above shows 8, with the Windsor Village and Country Club HPOZs immediately adjacent to West Adams.

There is a seventh historic area within West Adams, North University Park, oddly just south of the University Park HPOZ. North University Park Specific Plan is bounded by Adams Boulevard on the north, Menlo Avenue on the west, Hoover Street on the east, and 30th Street on the south. It was created in 1983 as a Specific Plan, a form that predated the HPOZ designation. The city has many Specific Plans, detailed rules for certain city neighborhoods. The North University Park Specific Plan is particularly focused on historic preservation and in fact incorporates the HPOZ ordinance among its other rules, with the provision that in case of a conflict between the HPOZ ordinance and the NUP Specific Plan the Specific Plan has precedence.

Some city documents state that the NUP Specific Plan is "the functional equivalent of an HPOZ," but the formal designation has never been assigned and NUP does not appear in the city's listings of HPOZs. NUP does have its own Design Review Board for historic issues. It contains two National Register Historic Districts, North University Park National Register Historic District, bounded by Magnolia, Hoover, Adams, and 27th Street (and two properties on 28th Street). Declared in 2004. The second, the Menlo Avenue-West 29th Street National Register Historic District, overlaps the North University Park Specific Plan area. It is bounded by Adams Blvd., West 29thy Street, and Menlo Avenue. It was listed in 1987.