Van Buren Block Club Supports Community Garden, School for the Deaf

  • 23 June 2008
  • Anonymous (not verified)

The Van Buren Place Community Restoration Association in May donated $1,000 each to the new community garden in the 2600 block of Raymond Avenue and to Marlton School, which is mainly for deaf children.

At this time, in late June, all the beds have been taken and there is a waiting list, so it is clear that many families in the neighborhood have become involved in this great project. There are already lots of vegetables growing in the beds and people are there most days watering and working on their plots.

For info on the community garden contact Julie Burleigh, (323) 737-6211

We had a second request from block club member Brenda Steppes, who is a school principal, to provide some support to Marlton School at 4000 Santo Tomas Drive in Los Angeles. This school has a K-12 program for deaf children and is primarily a school for the deaf. Brenda told us that the school gets very little funding from LAUSD and they needed money to send some of their students on a field trip to Washington, DC. We then voted to send $1,000 to Marlton School to help that program.

We received back nice thank you letters from Julie Burleigh for the Raymond Avenue Community Garden and from Nancy Huerta, principal of Marlton School.