Photos of Richardson Park Legacy Day

  • 22 August 2007
  • Anonymous (not verified)

Two websites post large numbers of photos of L.A. Stars August 4 Legacy Day of Service at our local Richardson Family Park.

On August 4 several hundred community volunteers turned out at our local Richardson Family Park at 27th Street and Budlong Avenue to build benches and picnic tables, sand and repaint the high fence around the park, repaint the markings on the basketball court, and add an L.A. Stars logo. The event was sponsored by L.A. Stars, the charitable organization founded and run by NBA basketball players Magic Johnson, Paul Pierce, Baron Davis, and Gilbert Arenas. Our local neighborhood council, the Empowerment Congress North Area Neighborhood Development Council, donated $20,000 to recreate the park's 185 foot mural, while USC made a large donation to the L.A. Land Trust to take over management of the community-created park and provide programming for local kids. (See our story on the event.) Now other website have posted photos of the event, including an article by Takeisha Rayson of L.A. Splash Online Magazine. Take a look at some of the great photos. We have posted one below from L.A. Splash, but lots more are at these two websites.

From L.A. Splash Online Magazine:

A Look Into the LA Stars Celebrity All-Star Charity Weekend

By Takeisha Rayson

It has been a little over week since the LA Stars Celebrity All-Star Weekend ally­hooped its way into some of the most notable and not-so-notable neighborhoods of Los Angeles, CA. Now that the star dust has settled and many of the superstar athletes have jetted off to other parts of our great nation, its time to take a deeper look into what the festivities mean for the community beyond the August 3-5 2007 weekend. Before you get LA Stars confused for the name of an ABA team. let me tell you exactly what LA Stars is about and who are the fighting forces behind its success. . . . See the whole L.A. Splash article and photos.


L.A. Stars own photos of the Richardson Family Park event:

Click here to see the slide show.