A Neighborhood in West Adams

This website is sponsored by the Van Buren Place Community Restoration Association of Los Angeles, California. Our association, which was founded in 1980, is a volunteer block club in the heart of the historic West Adams district, just south and west of downtown, near the University of Southern California. West Adams is a section of the inner city with a great history: at one and the same time it is a unique neighborhood of stately old homes that recall an earlier century, and it is also a core community in the new ethnic diversity that is reshaping Los Angeles. It is a small town in the big city where everyone knows their neighbors, and it is a marketplace of cultural exchange where the largest ethnic groups are Latino and African-American.

The Van Buren Place Community Restoration Association works for community betterment in the area bounded by Adams Blvd. on the north, 30th Street on the south, Catalina Street on the east, and Normandie Avenue on the west. The core of our association is the National Historic District of the 2600 block of Van Buren Place.

West Adams as a district is considerably larger, stretching from Figueroa on the east to West Blvd. on the west, and from Pico Blvd. on its north side to several blocks south of Jefferson Blvd. on the south. It includes the innovative community restoration project in the Byzantine Latino Quarter; borders an incredible number of museums; is anchored by the University of Southern California and the Staples and Convention Centers; and is minutes away from Downtown. Our website highlights the whole of West Adams. It provides occasional news about our neighborhood and the broader West Adams community. It has standing sections with a restaurant guide, lists of local craftspeople, sources of fixtures for restoring an old home, some history of West Adams, and many other aspects of this community. Our aim is to promote community revival in the heart of the city.

Van Buren Place Community Restoration Association
Los Angeles, CA 90007

We can be reached by email at: vanburen-assoc@westadams-normandie.com
and by telephone at 323-734-7391


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