La Taquiza Recognized as One of County's Best Mexican Restaurants

  • 5 December 2004
  • Anonymous (not verified)

Underappreciated West Adams treasure rated one of 25 best by Los Angeles Magazine. (Posted 12/5/2004)



[The following article is from the Fall 2004 issue of Discover the Difference,the quarterly newsletter of the Los Angeles Figueroa Corridor Partnership. We could add that we have been going to La Taquiza for years as our very favorite Mexican take-out restaurant, and have used it for large parties as well. Dinners are under $10 in this unprepossessing strip mall location with its wonderful chefs.]

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In the September issue of Los Angeles Magazine, Figueroa Corridor restaurant La Taquiza was named one of the top 25 Mexican restau¬rants in Los Angeles County. This is no small feat within a region known for scores of delicious Mexican eateries and from a magazine that caters to high-end tastes.

In the October 31, 2004, issue of L.A. Times Magazine, NPR and PBS Host David Brancaccio lamented that La Taquiza is one of the things he misses most about L.A. The recent New York transplant said, "I miss L.A. horribly. I was back recently and didn't have time to see friends, to go the burrito place, La Taquiza. . ."

The recognition probably comes as no surprise to Figueroa Corridor locals who know of La Taquiza's delicious and generous offerings. "We have the best food around, so it really wasn't surprising to us," said Miguel Medina, who owns the restaurant with his father, Angel. "Our food is based from Guada¬lajara, and when people from there come here, they tell us we have better food than the food in Guadalajara."

The Medinas, who also own three other La Taquiza restaurants in L.A., opened the Figueroa Corridor location in 1996. The spacious dining area makes it popular with large groups, and the recent remodel has made it even more comfort¬able. Regular customers include nearby workers, residents, students, and a variety of other people who travel across town for its famous fare and delicious salsas.

If you have yet to experience La Taquiza, now's the time to join the masses.

Hours are 8:30 a.m.- 11 p.m. and until midnight on weekends.
3009 S. Figueroa St. (at 30th St.).